Fetish Revolution 2014

by on 01/24/2014

Life Suspended will be performing at Fetish Revolution 2014, along with many other great acts. This is the tenth anniversary season show. Here is more about the show from Zander Buel. We hope to see you there!

A long, long time ago, in a chamber far away, a spark ignited with the marriage of steel and skin, leather and latex, blood and beast, casting flickering shadows on the outcasts and the rejects. And in the glare of the carnalities, the exiles found sanctuary. Whips busted the shackles of civilization, and chains elevated the banner of emancipated pleasure. Day jobs, bills, taxes—It was all laid to waste, and there rose a moniker of desire, of decadence, of wickedness. Carved with blade and flame on the flesh of thousands is Horns & Halos Productions, bringing damnation for all to revel in. In 2014, the purveyors of lust bring to you the 10th anniversary of Fetish Revolution.

Hail the years of the pretty pretty with veterans and newcomers alike. Don’t shy away from the leather-studded fiends—This is the vortex of your innermost obsession. Writhe and sway in your finest abominable attire to Genitorturers, the longstanding femme fatale of blistering electronic undertones and phantasmagoric metal. Local band The Audio Virus will be sharpening your ears for the rest of the night with a sonic blast of synth-washed electro. Power couple Abbey Nex of Combichrist fame and Valerie Gentile, the multi-talented composer of too many bands to count, will be also be stopping by to delight your senses. Raise your eyes to the ceiling and witness the scars and lacerations inflicted by the acrobatic mayhem of Life Suspended. Consume your eyes with the theatrics of Midori, the professor of pleasure and the scribe of sex, and Samar, the spectacle of torture and erotica.

The VIPs may treat their starved souls to the human sushi and dessert platters, the elixirs from an exclusive bar, and souvenir 10th anniversary lanyards. It is all localized behind the doors of the Marquee Theater.

The revolution has been 10 years strong, and the defilement shows no signs of slowing down. Help keep the spark alit this Valentine’s Day at Fetish Revolution, 2014.

More information and tickets available here

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