Fetish Prom 2014

by on 05/17/2014

Life Suspended will be performing at Fetish Prom 2014. Here once again is Zander Buel to tell us more about this fantastic event. For more info about the show, please visit our Events page.

It’s been a decade of sin and secrets, blood and tears, leather and lace. Music from the underground and sights of man’s disobedience. You’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve burned the forbidden trees and pillaged the Garden of Eden. This is not your government’s voice, this is not your parent’s music, and this most certainly is not your high school prom. This is Fashion in Rogue. This is Fetish Prom 2014.

If you liked the Revolution in this ten-year anniversary, then you’ll love bringing a date to the Prom’s birthday. Put the tuxedo away, loosen your tie, and show us who you really are. Now is the time for spiked collars and leather leashes. And your latex suit shall do just fine in the glow of an army of peoples’ most primordial mania. If you feel moved to give yourself over to the erotic ensemble, don’t shy away. This is haven for hellions and sanctuary for sinners. Exhibition for the exiled. In the gleam of blades and the reflection of sweat, this is your true form. The Bondage Play Stage and Life Suspended have all the heretical horrors for your visual relief, unveiling a circus of live suspension performances and public slashing and lashings. Ease your famine with a feast of sushi, served on live specimens handpicked especially for you.

Sharon Needles will be stopping by to tantalize your eyes and ears with her drag punk deviance, hot off the heels of her debut album, spreading vampiric cover model enchantment to all who dare to spectate. The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a renowned PETA advocate, LGBT activist, and the designer of pentagram-adorned undergarments, the Halloween-conjuring androgyne-anarchy of Needles is the heartbeat of the Prom, pulsating with sleaze, pizzazz, and fashionable lunacy. Needles is the drag-reigning frankenstein of myriad art forms.

And what more fitting way to sing Happy Birthday to the Prom than with Leaether Strip? With a legacy of influence and a history of innovation, mastermind Claus Larsen will bring his arsenal of classic electro cuts in this rare live performance, a privilege among those of us who grew up stomping to “Don’t Tame Your Soul” and “Strap Me Down.” The foundation of dark electronics and minor-key synths owes a tremendous debt to Larsen’s symphony of darkness, and upon the first beat we shall sway and hail in the mayhem. Local icons The Iris will be warming the stage up beforehand with sultry chugging guitars, creeping rhythms, and delicate synths across trembling crooning vocals.

Trans Glam band The Flaming Queens is also on the bill to amp up the debauchery, rounding out a night of everything you are sure to love and the suit-and-tie confines of society are sure to loathe.

Katrina Rainsong in on the bill in a flurry of fire dancing and yoga finesse. Rainsong’s legacy has added an entirely new dimension to yoga, encouraging a freedom from clothing. On the 24th, her philosophy just might inspire you to do the same.

Audio interludes of deep heavy beats will be provided by resident DJ_Dark_Mark, keeping the flesh moist and the hearts skipping.

For those who missed the after-party at the previous installment of the anniversary season will be happy to learn that a reservation has been secured for the trademark intimate gatherings, free of judgment and free of regulations. Transportation is provided to and from the hotel to ensure maximum luxury.

What will be your memories of Prom? Riding cramped buses and wearing a tuxedo or a dress in your high school gym? Or will it be the thrill of the flesh, the spectacle of sacrilege, and the bliss of blasphemy? Your tributes over the years have proven worthy for the perseverance of the quarterly bashes of debauchery, and it is now that you are called upon yet again to keep the blood boiling and the body numbed with pleasure. Do not repent; come forth and defy the naysayers.

The decadence ensues at the Marquee Theater, starting at 8:00 p.m.

– Zander Buel

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