Life Suspended at Horns & Halos Heat

by on 08/04/2014

Don’t miss Life Suspended’s next unforgettable performance at Horns & Halos Heat, helping to celebrate their 10th Anniversary season. Zander Buel tells us more about this fantabulous event and our triumphant return to the Venue of Scottsdale….

The 10th Anniversary of Arizona’s most blasphemous bash could not be complete without the return to its sanctuary. This August, the Horns & Halos denizens are once again breaking down the doors of the Venue Scottsdale to reign over its splendorous halls and balconies with sinful pleasures and swarming desires. Take refuge from the summer heat within the confines of the cobblestone pillars and bountiful chandeliers hanging from above. Fight fire with fire and don your most wicked attire at Horns & Halos HEAT 2014.

Man’s most earthly desire is merely the main course here. Beneath sweat and burns you may cast aside day job uniforms and urban sweatshirts. The chains and leather in your wardrobe ache for your touch and shriek for your attention, and now you may oblige them. Life Suspended is at your service to provide you with hellish aerial sights that have been locked away from the eyes of the squeamish and the dogmatic. Legendary dark electro ensemble Grendel (The Netherlands) have returned to thrash your heart rate and move your body. Ludovico Technique are assisting in the electronic mayhem, and local band BlakOPz are hot off the heals of a brand-new album and ready to pummel your eardrums with machine gun beats and bloody synth stabs. Resident DJ Beautiful John will keep the beats flowing in between sets to ensure nonstop clangs and rattles.

The Infamous Boom Boom of Cirque Le Soir (Dubai UAE/London UK) has returned from abroad to descend upon our clan with his erotic cabaret of demented debauchery and outrageous glamour, replete with all the glitter, gore, and cadaverific catastrophes your senses can handle.

The stage’s cataclysmic eye candy of choice is Bambi Blue (London UK), equipped with a performance of blood, flame, and red glittery lipstick scribbled across the sawdust of a carnival circus. Specializing in acts ranging from fire eating to razor blade swallowing, Blue is the outer lining of this kink-fueled tapestry.

VIPs, as per usual, will be treated to the balcony of the Venue Scottsdale and have a choice of sushi and desserts served upon human servants. VIPs also have access to the infamous AfterParty, an intimate gathering of deviants out of the public eye. And Boom Boom has a special treat for all who are willing to watch: One hotel room has been chosen for the decadent acts that are orchestrated only in the lair known as Boom Boom’s Room, and it is all for you to witness.

The Venue Scottsdale heats up at 8pm. You must be 21 to drink, but only 18 to party.

For more info about the show, please visit our Events page.

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